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hi mates,

please help me with some information, may be someone already did such swaps and can confirm these points.

I have 2001 Mustang V6 with auto transmission. the V6 power doesn't make any fun. So I bought V8 5.4 4V 1999 Navi engine whole assembly to make swap + bought 8.8 axle from GT 4.6 + have 4.6 2v GT engine harness.

I live in Russia, so there is very few offers for low milage parts and manual trannys. also there is no junkyards for mustangs and Usa cars, so I'll need order everything from USA, mistakes are not acceptable as I'll lose time and money.

I read some threads about 5.4 swaps and here is list of questions for now, which I cannot find answer:

1. Transmission question. I consider to use 1999 Town car 4r70w transmission (see label attached) - I found with mint condition for amazing price and only this tranny Is available on stock in our area.
Automotive tire Font Gas Automotive wheel system Automotive exterior

I hear this is same tranny as mustang GT one but with longer tail housing. Is it possible to change tail housing from my V6 tranny or make driveshaft shorter to fit it?
-which connector does this transmission have? will it be ok to connect with my 4.6 gt engine harness or can use stock v6 harness?
-can v6 shortened drive shaft be connected to 8.8 gt axle and tail of town car tranny?
-does v6 shifting unit fit with town car tranny? which parts I need?

2. engine harness and computer question.
so I have harness with navi engine, 4.6 gt 2v harness and my v6 stock motor harness - which one I should use?
I heard 4.6 2v computer can work with 5.4 - can I use PCM from 1999 4.6 town car ( I can buy it with tranny from this car)?

3. which parts from my v6 car can I use for this swap? can I use interior harness and connect ? fuse boxes?

4. the engine has alternator (which I plan to install instead of ac compressor) and power steering pump - can I use it and connect v6 car hoses or not? or I should buy 4.6 2v steering pump with pulley?

5. gauge cluster - should I use 4.6 gt one or can keep v6 one?

6. throttle body and wire - I plan use MMR plates to install 5.0 coyote intake. which throttle body and fuel rails will fit it? which throttle cable need to use?

7. fuel pump and fuel supply for 5.4 - which fuel pump and tank pump holder unit I need? how to connect v6 fuel lines with 5.4?

8. brake hydro boost - is there any options for aftermarket hydro boost? or can use only gt one?

9. exhaust manufolds - I heard that driver side header of 5.4 doesn't clear. can I use driver header from Aviator 2003?

Thanks a lot in advance!
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