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Need help. Will 2005 v6 stock rims/tires fit a v6 2001?

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Purchased a 2001 v6 in the spring, I really dislike the stock rims but do not want to get the GT ones. Will the rims from a 2005 v6 fit? found some on craigslist that i like but wasnt sure. . Will they fit no problem? anyone ever done this? thanks let me know. thanks
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As far as I know you will need 3/4-1" spacers. BTW welcome paintballcs to MM.
Yeah thanks man. any idea how I get that for it? so they wont just fit normally?
they will fit but they will look sunken into the car because of the different offset
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how do you get the spacers, they easy to get and realiable?Sorry for dumb questions. I suck with cars, dont do any of my own work or anything. have this and an audi for the winter, suck with both... where do you even buy spacers?ha
Your going to want this kit because it comes with longer wheel studs. if you just put a spacer and lug nuts on what you have now, the lug nuts dont have very many threads to hang on to and as somce people have found, strip while going around corners. to do it right get this kit.

Mustang 13mm Wheel Spacer Kit Fits 05-09 Wheels to 94-04 Mustangs
Ah screw that. 200 just to fit the rims. not worth it
is that really the cheapest for the spacer?i want the rims..but 200 for spacer doesnt seem wworth it
I found them on ebay for $100. (set of 4)
i ran 05 gt rims on my 02 and the only problem i had was with the front. it would hit something when i turned to far(even with spacers). It might have been the tires though
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