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Hey guys I'm rebuilding the 302 in my '90 mustang and I can't decide on which cam to run. So far the build looks like this:

Ededlbrock Performer RPM heads (1.90"in. 1.60"ex. valves)
Ford Motorsports cobra upper and lower intake
75mm throttle body
24lb. injectors
compression ratio will be 10.0-10.5:1
rotating ass'y balanced

The car already has headers, off road x-pipe, and cold air intake. Its a 5-speed car with 3.73 gears. It will be just a weekend cruiser with occasional trips to the track. The cams we were looking at are:

Trick flow stage 2
comp cam xe264hr
comp cam xe274hr

Any of these good choices or are we way off? I still need to get roller rockers so maybe a smaller lift cam with 1.7 ratio rockers? What do you guys think and what kind of hp/tq numbers should i expect. Anything else I should know or be concerned about?

Thanks in advance
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