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I'm looking to replace my broken 19 year old radiator in my 89 GT and I really want to go aluminum. Unfortunately, I'm a college student on a TIGHT budget and I just want to get the most bang for my buck.

My price range is about $100-$170 and there is very little aluminum in that range. The only ones i found on ebay in that price were these:

1 core $125
eBay Motors: 1980-1993 FORD MUSTANG ALL ALUMINUM RADIATOR (item 260217526372 end time Mar-11-08 21:12:04 PDT)

2 core $149
eBay Motors: 1980-1993 FORD MUSTANG ALL ALUMINUM RADIATOR (item 260216923451 end time Mar-09-08 19:22:17 PDT)

I think this is a regular guy who makes aluminum radiators so it isn't any special brand.

I can get a stock 2 core for about $120 but it's nothing special.

What should I do here? should i even consider a one core radiator? are either of those radiators worth it? should i just stick with brass/stock?


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Unless you're running serious hp and/or live in a very very hot state, the stock 2 core would be nice. If you are looking more towards performance and less heat at bay, a 2 core period would be great. Aluminum at that is a bonus. Go wit hthe 2 core $149 one (260216923451)
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