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Last night i was driven home. Came to an area where the amazing public works crews and done a shitty job of evening out the pavement from the recently paved to old and cracked. The road curves left and as i was turning i hit the 2-3 inch raise from cut road to new asphalt doin 30 (it was dark didnt realize how big the raise was). When i hit it shook the car pretty bad. Car drives straight, no wobbles or anything but when i come to a stop, start from a stop, or turn the wheel to the left(and only to the left) somethin from the front of the car is a making popping noise (not a constant grind but a pop). Any ideas on what got f***ed up in the front?

The car still is still covered under full warrenty but i dont wanna take it in unless somethin got messed up big time like bent frame/cracked axe/cracked steering column. If i take it in, im without a car for however many days they have it cuz since im only 19 i dont get a rental car.

Thanks for any help!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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