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Need opinions n thoughts!!!

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Hey well I have a V6 and am lookn to make it a true Stang. I was wondering wat is the best motor and trans swap for my car and wat kind of extra parts I would need to do so. I was going to leave the sixxer in there but then i thought y do that wen I can swap motor and trans. Please tell me wat u guys think swap or leave the sixxer. Would really appreciate it. Much Mahalo.:D
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4v cobra motor.
2v is good enough. but 4v or 5.4L are more POWAHHH!!

either would FOR SURE be easier to just sell and buy a GT....or cobra
Honestly, either build the motor you have, or sell it and buy something that already has a V8 in it.
just sell it and buy a gt or a cobra bro
+1 on sell it, but a Mach 1 tho :p
instead of dumping all that money into a 6'er just opt and sell it and buy you a cobra!
not to much cobras or mach1s on the island shipping cost an arm and a leg in the islands though dont want to get a gt would rather find me a cobra or a mach1
Well after reading all this...i would say selling it is an option. But take it from me, real cars are built, not bought. You appreciate it a lot more when your own blood and sweat go into it. And on top of that, if you buy a cobra or a mach 1, your car is no different then all the other ones driving on the road. If i were you, i would go with a 5.4. You can go with the navi 4v and add a lil boost and a cobra or mach 1 won't even come close to touching it. And on top of that, you'll have more respect from people when you tell them you built it. The swap really isnt all that difficult to do. Just find you a 5.4, and either a t 45 or t 56 tranny, and most of the stuff is pretty easy. You might have to get a new hood and modify the wiring harness. But most of the stuff is pretty direct. And the torque of the 5.4 is amazing.
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1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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