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I am new here and still a total noob but over the last few days I have been off of work and trying to do a little bit more research. I was looking at the M112 for my '98 but in all honesty I do not want to do the single port to split port conversion and all that stuff before actually being able to add the M112. After more reading I really do like procharger setup just because of the ease of installation and the intercooler as part of the package.

Long story short.
I was thinking about trying to find a 99+ engine somewhere and just starting from scratch, even if the engine is a pos and needs to be rebuilt. I figured that way I could take my time and go ahead and get one of the stroker kits as well.

I like this option more because I believe it will give me a ton of opportunity to actually dig into a engine and see how it all works and get my hands dirty and learn a ton on the way. My neighbor is more then willing to help me and guide me. I also think I will get great support and insight from these forums as well.

I know it will probably take longer and cost more down the road but in the end I think I will get great results. I have built tons of air cooled vw engines over the years and I know these are a lot more complicated but I think I might have enough know how to get started and have fun doing it.

Your input would be great and it is much appreciated. Thanks, Brad
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