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Need some info about car shipping

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Hi, guys. I bought a mustang roush 2005, but the car located in another state (I am in LA CA, car in Seattle).
I`d like to use the car shipping service to bring it, but i didn`t use it before.
Can someone give me basic information about it? How to find a carrier? What are the quotes now? How to prepare the car for transportation?
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This is one of those situations where you're going to have to start calling for quotes. Generally places that ship multiple vehicles at once will be cheaper. So be on the lookout for joints with room for only one vehicle.
What was said above and whether enclosed or not shipping. My daughter shipped her car from MD to SoCal and back - open carrier - about $1000 each way. More recently she shipped two cars to NM but her employer paid so not sure what that cost.

Edit: Old thread but in case others want more information. We shipped our 3 cars from Maryland to California; 2016 Mustang GT Premium; 2010 MINI Copper S Hardtop; 1986 Mustang GT 'Vert Pro-touring. We used an enclosed trailer for all three. Move was coordinated through our household movers. However, we did contact the car hauler directly before we elected for the household mover to coordinate. The car hauler would have done the work directly with us. Just administratively easier to have a coordinator given the magnitude of the move. Of course, this service increased the costs.

So, the car hauler was Reindeer Auto Transport. They used a soft-sided, enclosed trailer. Drivers were great to work with. ETA was spot on. Our three were loaded last and unloaded first. No damage at all.
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I used Intercity Lines, and the whole thing went smoothly.
Congrats on your new Mustang Roush! Shipping a car is pretty easy, even if you've never done it before.
Shipping a car can initially seem intimidating, but it's pretty straightforward. Companies that ship cars can easily be found through a quick Google search. Compare quotes from a few companies to ensure you get a fair price.
As for preparing the car for transportation, you'll want to clean it thoroughly inside and out, remove any personal items, and take pictures of any existing damage. The shipping company should also provide you with specific instructions on how to prepare your car for transport.
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Congratulations on your new purchase!
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