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Grrr, can't post in the classifieds section without 100 posts......

Hi guys,

So I'm in a predicament that I'm sure a lot of people have fallen under one time or another. I have a broken clock spring for my 94 GT Convertible which of course renders my cruise control and horn null and airbag light is flashing a 3 2 code, which I checked and everyone seems to point to the clock spring as the culprit. :mad:

And of course Ford doesn't even make the part anymore, and I can't find any after market, and can't say I really trust anything on Ebay, as it could still not work when I get it.

I trust you guys on the forum as you seem to know your stuff and are just like me, a regular person. I need a clock spring that works so I can just sell my car, as it has been costing a lot in repairs for me and I can't afford much anymore as a student and just want it in a sell-able condition.

(I've already rebuilt the tranny, replaced the stock coolant tank with an all aluminum one, replaced the rotors, calipers AND brake pads on both back wheels, gotten 2 new tires, fixed a muffler, and still need the clock spring and a new latch for the conv. top and a window regulator for the driver's side.)

Please PM me if you have one that works and let me know what you'd like to let it go for. I appreciate it!

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