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I recently put a zex nitrous kit in my 2000 gt. The kit is awesome! What I want to talk about is the things you don't realize for the first time nitrous guy. Fisrt bottle pressure! I guess i just assumed thatthe bootle had good pressure wrong! my first full bottle out I was really didn't know how long its would last. i reead comments about estimates by guys but nothing of a solid answer. i ran the bottle for what I would say 15-20 small 75 shots. by small I mean 5-10 second busrts. the next thing i knew she ws empty. i went down to my local speed shop where he filled it up but with only 7 pounds. i asked whats with the 7 pounds, he said it had three in it. he explained that if there isn't enough pressure in the bottle a 3-4 pounds the system won't run. ISo i got a gauge on the bootl and son realized the pressure was only 600ish and the kit wants 900-950! I soon relized the heaters that guys have to raise the pressure where not only to look cool. I haven't bought a bottle heater yet mainily due to price but i bought a heat gun to warm her up a bit. i know its cheap but nitrous $4.50 a pound can add up quick. Any way, I recommend a gauge on your kit let you know at all time whats going on. these are just thing that i wish I knew off hand. Not a huge fan of surprise's. Also the less you hae in the bottle the longer it takes to get to a high psi level with the heat. I will add stuff down the road, hopefully this helped you guys out.
Heavy foot out!
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