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Hello to all.

My name is Larry and I own ClassicLEDs LLC, formally NorthWestMustang. I hope this is the proper place to post this questionnaire. Being new to the “Blog” world and this site, I hope not to offend

I manufacture LEDs for Mustangs 1965 thru 1978. I am in the middle of designing LEDs for the 1983 thru 1992 Mustang and would like to ask what you, the owner, would like regarding LED lights.

At this time, I have designed three boards to install within the OEM housing. Two small boards and one large board. All three boards will be red filling all three sections with red light when the brakes are applied or the running lights are on. The turn will have amber turn and white for reverse. This will be the non sequential style. Sequential will have all three red with white LEDs for reverse. There will be no amber due to local laws of combining red and amber during turn signal operation.

Please note. When red LEDs are placed behind the amber lens, the red come thru.

However, the entire clear lens will have white LEDs in a line across and red for brake, turn and running lights. The entire top section will sequence red. The entire lens across the top and the entire large lens will be red during brake light operation. The bottom of the large section will be a brake light during brake operation with the turn signal in sequence mode. The top of the large board will sequence.

Now the question. I want to design the upper section into one long board. This will give an unbroken line of light until the black band within the lens it's self. However, and here is the biggie, you will need to trim the OEM light housing. The center divider between the turn and reverse lights will be trimmed to allow a long flat PC Board to sit within the lens. No modification to the lens will be needed. The large brake light will sit within the brake light housing with no modification.

With the lights not working, the lens will appear OEM. The side marker light, for now, remains as the OEM bulb. This, however, can change to a small LED board should that be a popular option. At this time I have no photos to offer, as I came up with this yesterday while test fitting printed prototype LED boards within the housing. I hope to post several in two weeks. I will be out of the office for dive days visiting family.

So, if you don’t mind thinking this over, or going out and looking over the housing and letting me know what you think of the two designs, please check my web site, and find a contact us button and email any ideas or thoughts about this.

ClassicLEDs is a small family owned business and we manufacture all our products in Oregon. I am looking at or about a retail price of $199.95 sequential. This system will be very easy to install and should have about 200 to 225 LEDs on each side.

Again, thank you for your time and I hope this business posting is OK with everyone. I do want to find out what you, the owner really would like.

Me? I own a 1978 Mustang II Monroe Handler....Don’t laugh now, these are the seventh rarest Mustang made:yes
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