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So I received a new Panasonic 10mp p&s for Xmas. I've always been a Canon guy, so I'm trying to figure out how to use this little sucker and if it's a decent camera.

So far it seems pretty nice. It's ridiculously light, just 2/3 the weight of my old S5-IS. 18x optical zoom, and the IS seems to work well. Also shoots hd video.

I'll put up the little test vid I made after.

Anyways. Here are the pictures.

First the zoom shots. Shot through a double pane window. As you can see in this shot I was trying to look in my neighbor's window, but the af picked up the branches. Not bad af? I think.

Another zoom shot. Full 18x zoom. Sitting in my living room, shot through a double pane of glass, through the rain-snow mix that's currently falling.

Now. Test shots of my truck. This is in full auto, no zoom.

Then I tried the same shot in 'P' mode.... and it appears blue. And I can't seem to find why in the settings or in the manual. Anyone know why?

A half-zoom shot, first in auto, then in 'P'.... again, with the blue tint?

And, just a test shot outside in full zoom

1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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