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new dude here in San Diego

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What's goin on, guys?

I just recently registered. There is such a vast amount of information here, and I can't wait read on and learn more about our cars.

A lil info about myself: My name's John. I've been in the Navy for 6 years so far. I'm an Electronics Technician, mainly working on radars. I've lived in San Diego since 1998.

My daily driver is a 2001 Bullitt. I bought it at the end of July this year after I came back from my third deployment. I purchased it for $15k. It had less than 12k miles on it, and a Vortech supercharger. Not a bad deal. And I just recently got it dyno tuned at JBA over here.

I'm also a proud owner of a 1968 Mercury Cougar. It's a standard with a 289 and 3spd manual tranny. I'm having a blast working on her, learning alotta stuff about cars along the way :D

The first car I owned was a '99 Pontiac Grand Am. And before I bought the Cougar and the Bullitt, I was cruising around town in an '04 Hyundai Tiburon GT. LOL :eek: I've given that car to my lil brother :p
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Welcome to MM bro!! love that Cougar man, looks sweet! post up ALOT of pix of that thing!!! :D
:) Thanks. Will do, once I gather up all my pics.
Welcom to MM form Dallas, TX!
Welcome to MM!
welcome to MM!!!!!!
some pics of the Bullitt

My previous laptop took a **** awhile back. I lost a good majority of my pictures. Here are some I scrapped up of the Bullitt. I'll post some of the Cougar in a bit.

before the Magnaflow Magnapack exhaust


taken last month

at JBA's dynoshop

my Vortech setup

posted numbers with stock motor (heads/internals), 90mm MAF, catback
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some pics of the Cougar, "Lily"

Again, I lost alotta pictures from that piece of crap HP laptop of mine.

that huge scoop is gonna be replaced by a stock one soon

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Thanks, white03v6 :D

Nice cars man! That Cougar is sweet!!
:drool Nice cars.

welcome to the site.
Thank you all for the compliments on my cars. They sure are fun to own. And that Cougar still has alot in store for her :D
Here's another pic of the girls.
Nice 01 bullitt...I have a DHG 01 bullitt too, but I paid 12,500 for mine with about 50,000 miles and no mods :(
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