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Hey there, I'm new to the community. Friend showed me this site awhile ago, never got around to registering myself until now.

I've always been a by-the-budget person, own a small bike (saves me cash), small car etc. At the same time though, I've always had a fascination in certain imports and muscle cars (who doesn't).

The 99-04 Generation Mustang GT has stricken me as a good starting project car, for someone who has minimal mechanical knowledge but with friends who do, and also as a person with limited cash (but not overly-limited).

Some quick reading up of other forums, websites, and playing around with the shopping carts of multiple pony part distributors, has got me convinced that I can go F/I, along with all of the necessary (and not-so-necessary) bolt-ons, as well as purchase the car for all around/under $15k (including installation cost for the harder-to-install parts.)

Think it's possible? Links to reliable (and preferably cheap) distributors would be greatly appreciated. I will begin looking around these forums as well.

Thanks in advance!
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