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new guy from chicago

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Hey guys just came across this page and figured i would see what its about. Im from the south subs of Chicago. I drive a 2004 GT 5spd. It has a built motor from D.S.S. with a blower. Last year was only running at 6lbs this year im bumping it up to 12. Car has a whole lot of work done so if you have any questions just ask. Hope to have a good time on here and will get pics up soon.
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Welcome to the site. Im from chicago and new to this site. New to mustangs...I gotta 2004 gt 5speed. If you know of any shops where i can get some work done let me know please...
welcome to the site brah. can't wait to see some pics of the ride
Sorry Rico dont know any shops i've just allways done the work myself. Thanks guys for the welcome right now im trying to get the suspension and a few small things ready for spring time.
Welcome to the site...
what's up bro
welcome to MM...
well guys the only pics i have as of now our from when i first bought the car a year ago. you can see them at my myspace heres the link The cars getting a lot of changes right now so when its farther along i will make a new thread so everyone can see.
Welcome yo
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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