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Hey guys, my name's Kyle. 18 years old, full time college student. Full time sales associate and formerly, also a waiter. I'm a long time lurker, first time poster. Have always loved this website - has a very warm and cozy feeling to it. Anyway I'm from southeastern Michigan, and have always loved Mustangs since before I could drive. A little about myself: My first car was an 01 Saturn SL2. Awesome little car and knocked down 36 mpg hwy. (Yeah I do miss that) She was treated to a Pioneer stereo, a ton of interior neon lights, and 2 12" MA Audio subs @ 1000 watts rms. Got lots of attention (good and bad) and set me up for the modification bug:

Sold it after about a year (and about $3k in maintenance on the car - ended up blowing the tranny driving my grandma to the store. I have no idea.) because I just had to have a Mustang. In late September 08, after saving up some cash, I found a beautiful 96 GT on craigslist. She already had a few modifications, but was literally spotless when I finally went to go see her:

I had to daily drive her through about half the winter because I didn't have enough to buy a daily driver. It was in January of 09 my father stumbled on a little gem for $500:

She needed a lot of work (mainly suspension) but she runs perfect now at 190k miles. She came with an Alpine deck and Kicker speakers. Oh, and a Flowmaster catback!
So here's how the Mustang sits right about now: (in the garage, of course)

The full mod list is in my garage, suffice to say she actually holds her own against many of the cars around here. (That I have raced legally, of course.) Over the winter time I plan on rebuilding the top half of the engine due to some oil burn (yes, valve stem seals) and currently a set of Stage 2 NPI camshafts from ModularHeadShop tops my Christmas wishlist. Shooting for as close to 300 rwhp as I can get. And there's a whole mess of suspension modifications waiting to go on as well. Have never had her on the dyno or taken her down the quarter mile. Don't really need a dyno graph or a time slip to measure the grin on my face every time I step on it :)

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