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What’s up guys! I’ve owned several mustangs in the past (95, 03, 2 85’s, and now a 99 v6). I Just started a YouTube channel to highlight each step of restoring and coyote swapping my newest v6 mustang. Bought this car for $500 on fb marketplace and as you can see needs a ton of work. Check it out and let me know what you think! The mustang community has always been great and helping and hopefully these videos can help somebody decide to swap their new edge.
This car has an awful plastidipped paint job and the interior is no better. Missing some parts that we will pick up along the way. Any questions or advice shoot them my way!

The first episode will be removing the tan interior and making it black with some new parts mixed in. I have a budget of around $15-$16k so im going to see if i can stay under that for the build.

Project Coyote Swap
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