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Well this (i believe is my first blog entry but i dont think any is going to read it but what ever give me somthin do for how ever long it takes me to right/type it. For those who dont know i was given a 1997 v6 mustang to me by my dad for my 16th b-day. Its not perfect but its my first car and my pride and joy no matter how stupid that sounded. But Its a mustang and thats all that matters to me v6 or not slow or fast its a mustang. After joining this site a few months back i quickly realized that although this was a gift i wanted to get a 99-04 v6 mustang that was also a standard. I wanted a 99+ becuase i soo learned about a key differnce in the engine. although both are the same engine blocks the multi port engine had 190hp at the crank vs its predecesor 145hp. To me 45hp is 45hp no matter were it is, at the crank or wheels and not to sound lazy but for me the splitport swap was way too out of my capabilties. So after driving the mustang for close to two years and replacing several parts from tires to shocks and struts, and to head gaskets and a brand new exhaust its time I work for a car that I want.

Right now i am currently working on my "Savings Account Mod." i am 19 and i work two jobs only becuase my first job coulndt give me more than 20 hrs and i wanted to get money saved faster so I took on a 2nd job. At this current time i have my main job (30 hrs or so) going direct deposit into my savings account while my other (16hr job) goes directly into checking. So to be safe to say i have about 120-150 bucks a week going into savings not alot from what other people are doing but it adds up. currently i have a tad over 3000.00 my dad told me get 5000.00 + in savings before i even start to look locally (this wont happen till at least early spring.) when i get my car i will baby the hell out of it. and some people will never under stand why im going for a v6 and going to mod the hell out of it well to you guys here at MM more than likely understand. My goal is to get a 99-01 after searching at 02-04 there bout a grand higher cuz they have less mileage. Heres what im guning for

99-04 v6 Mustang
Manual trans.
The only color I dont want is yellow...Sorry yellow.
under 100k miles
must have a spoiler sides tht for appearence thts it.

mods i WANT to do

4.10 gears mabbey 4.55
rebuilt 7.5 rear
LT's H pipe Flow 40's
Stage 3 fully ported upper/lower intake and heads.
M112 from a cobra (
oh yea 3" crowl hood
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