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new plugs tomorrow...

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ok i know that this has been asked like 4.3 million times but not including NGK...and i am not concerned with plug life...they are cheap to replace and i do it when im bored lol, anyway what is the best plug from say autolite, to run with a 93 tune?
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Auto light 764


Autolight 103

personally i would run the 764
a 103 is a step cooler of a heat range. Mainly a nitrous/ supercharger plug

a 764 is a copper core, and is a great plug...
Copper Cores work the best in these motors BTW. the 103 is a Copper COre too, but is a heat range cooler.

Persoanlly i have 764s in my car at the moment, but have a set of TR-6s going in in a week and half.
764 is the stock plug...

103 is a step cooler than a 764

AR94s are two steps cooler
AR93s are three steps cooler
AR92s are 4 steps cooler.
run a 764 end of story
1 - 5 of 14 Posts
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