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new post again

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Since my first post went to the other forum I will try to list it here as well. Ihave included a picture of my 06 vert for you point out the obvious changes and I will get to the changes I will be making with your recommendations by spring. Enjoy and thanks for having me
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nice looking ride.
as far as performance i would do the usual bolt ons:
exhaust: axle back, LT's, o/r mid pipe
CMCV deletes

or my favorite SC, and forget the above
where are those wheels from??? thought they looked like an 08 option or something as they don't appear to have any lip. so you don't have any mods at all yet? start off with cai and tune followed by gears. i urge everyone to make a plan of where they want to end up before starting mods so they don't end up spending money on mods just to have to take them off later.
+1 on that
i changed my mufflers twice and CAI twice, now i gotta take off the JLT bc the whipple is going on, i wasnt plannin on going SC so soon but i just couldnt wait any longer. just gonna sell the JLT later hope to get at least half my money back, and i'll be cool w/ that.
1 - 2 of 5 Posts
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