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This spacer kit manufactured by UMI Performance is designed to fix the oversized hole problem with the factory rear upper control arm mount. Where the rear upper control arm mounts to the chassis Ford uses a 14mm bolt and a 14mm hole in the upper control arm, however the hole in the chassis mount is 16mm. This stepped spacer set is designed to take up this slop and eliminate noise and clunks from the upper control arm area. This is done by reducing the hole size from 16mm to 14mm which does not allow the bolt to shift during acceleration and braking. The spacer kit slides into the upper mount and steps the hole size down to the correct diameter of 14mm, this allows for a tighter fit and no more clunking!

Price at only $7.99

If you have any questions please ask. Thanks!

2005-2010 Ford Mustang Upper Control Arm Mount Stepped Spacers [1058] - $7.99 : UMI Performance, Inc.

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