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Well got my 00 new edge awhile back, I admit I made stupid acusations about me supercharging or engine swapin my car, but its been a year almost sence then and after doing some maturing, so to say, its time for the "new plan"/"solid plan"

First and fore most I want to say that I bought my cam stuff not to far after mustang mike bought his and I say that because that was when the camming for our car was new and in the early stage on MM. Now its been reconized that its a much as I agree I still personally think its a good mod for some power and a good time to learn a lot about your car.

So to the "new (solid) plan"

First step
Cam in the spring, would do it now but my dad has two cars a 08 mustang which will be garaged very soon for winter then he will drive his 97 f150 till spring..I need the truck to drive back n forth to work. Till then....waiting game..

1. Cam (comp cams extreme energy cam)
Waiting till spring also waiting on $ for upper gaskt kit
- w/ winstar upper
- home port job

2. Redo exhuast
Monroe f'ed up my exhuast getting it re-done..back to what I org had -flowmaster org 40s divorced duals-

3. Visuals....
Smoked head and tail lights.. redo hood scoop mabey get a 2" cowl hood new wheels...was thinking black bullets...(pm me with your ideas...imput needed wanted)

4. NOS 75/100 wet shot

1-3 daily driver
4 daily driver with some balls when needed/ drag strip
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