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Hey all, new to the forum. I have looked through the guides and didn't see an answer for this so hoping you all can help me out via this post.

I have a 2010 Mustang GT that I haven't done really much too but I have started getting the itch after making some very, very minor mods and repairs. The stock steering wheel, well, sucks. The material is rubbing off and I want to upgrade it to the BOSS 302 Alcantara Suede wheel. The straight switch seems easy enough. However, the 2010 GT wheel did not come with radio controls and the BOSS 302 wheel does. So instead of having dumb buttons on my wheel I would like them to be operational.

I am guessing this isn't terribly difficult -- especially for you guys based on what I have seen on this forum but I am new to this stuff. Since the 2010 GT premium had wheel controls I am assuming that the wiring for the radio controls already goes to my steering wheel as well? Can anyone confirm if that is a correct assumption?

If so I am sure everything gets pretty easy there. If not what would be the best way to get audio run to the wheel so I could use the buttons on the new wheel?

Thanks everyone.
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