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Well, im gonna be the bastard child here...I'm putting a 2.3 out of an 89 stang in my rock crawler so some of you might want to hang me but oh well.....Ive got a few questions so maybe yall can help me out

-First, I have two motors, one i know for certain is an 89 model out of a mustang with the auto tranny..its leaking from every orifice and mating point on it so id like to avoid using it if other motor is a brand new freshly rebuilt 2.3 that I'm uncertain on the model, i had a carb'd manifold on it and the old school valve yall think yall could give me some hp/tq numbers on those and take a guess at the year on the second motor or tell me how to identify it.

-Second, The auto tranny i mentioned will be in front of a divorced transfer case...but thats irrelevant, my question is how durable are they? do you all have to replace them if any of you run them, im sure most of you have t45s and t5s but im sure theres someone out there with an auto....

-Third, was there a difference in the 87 ranger cams and the 89 mustang cams? id like to squeeze every little bit out of it i can without building it, it will be a propane setup so fuel is not a problem i can dump as much to it as necessary with the turn of a screw

-Fourth, in my experience with 4 bangers MSDs arent worth a damn, ive got a 6a, will it be worth my time to put it on?

-oh, and would the driveshaft from my 87 ranger 5spd spline up to the 89 auto tranny? i havent tried yet partially cause ive been i figured id ask.
thanks for any info. -Trevor
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