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Hello everyone I am introducing myself to the sight Thank you in advance. I luckily ended up with this car, and have come to love driving it. Originally a father step son project I finished about 5 years ago as he lost interest and his mother decided it was too fast and not safe enough. It sat in the garage for almost three years as he drove back and forth in his little Mini Convertible I bought him with all the things kids want Blue tooth, cupholders, USB, Navigation, Ect and Airbags for his mother. Then one day i came across an old Buick I had to have so the garage had to its home I was pumped to have a really cool project
Figured i would just drive the mustang now and again since it was kind of in the way now . That was three years ago the old Buick is covered in dust and when the weather is nice I cant wait to get off work to take it out , I absolutely Love this car and so does everyone else!
GT40P Heads, GT40P upper and lower intake, 75 mm Throttle body, SCT custom tuner , smog pump delete, EGR delete, shift kit, 410 gears, sn95 cobra rack and pinion, 6 Blisten shocks, 1 1/2 inch lowering springs, BBK H Pipe, Cat Delete, Flowmaster, drag lites Indy 500 295/50/15
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