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Ok so I have been doing a lot of research on nitrous. Ok I found a place to fill my bottles which was my biggest concern. I am planning on building my motor here in a year or two since it will be at almost 90k and I want to stroke it. I just have a question. I have been hearing a lot on tv about stages of nitrous, I guess I have always wondered what that meant. I just never thought about it until now. Is a stage 1 gear of full nitrous? And I have a bolt on mustang with a t lok and 3.73 so I don't want to launch on nitrous, but when should I have it come on in the 1/4 mile? Oh and I have a 5 spd. I plan on going with a 50 shot to start, and then after that a 75 with tune. And when I get my motor done I would like to do a 125 maybe even a 150 if you can with the split ports.
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