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Nitto 1320 Legends and Royal Purple are proud to present their 2nd tournament, the Royal Purple Rumble II, which starts Monday December 7th, 2009. The Royal Purple Rumble II will feature 22 different tournaments, with at least 3 tournaments a day. Racers from around the world will compete for pride, "props" and the grand prize of a one-of-a-kind Royal Purple Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 trophy car in the Nitto 1320 Legends online game.

As always the Nitto 1320 Legends online game is FREE to play.

Visit the Nitto 1320 Legends site for more details on the Royal Purple Rumble II.

Nitto 1320 Legends:
- Live head to head racing
- Race in chat rooms where others watch and even "cheer" or "boo" you
- Build your car using the realistic engine tuning system
- Use your real-world car knowledge to select from hundreds of parts and dyno tune your car
- Personalize your car with body kits, wheels, and custom graphics
- Race for fun, bet virtual money, or put your car on the line and race for pink slips
- Show off your garage and racing accomplishments on your profile
- Form teams, manage team funds, and set up races against other teams

Screen Shots:

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