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About a months ago, problem started. When I turned the keys, I had no crank no start. Everything else worked (ie. inst. cluster, dash, radio, headlight, turn signal etc. I thought my battery was bad. Checked voltage, cleaned terminals etc and still no start. After about 20 attempts, it started and for about 3 weeks, it was fine.

about a week ago, it started again. This time, I bypassed clutch neutral switch, bought a new battery (old one was 4 years old) and it still would not start. Next day, It starts up magically and now I can start the car in neutral with pressing the clutch. Drove it for 4 days and it did it again. So this time, I bought new starter (my old one was 12 years old), new ignition starter replay, check all maxi fuses in the fuse box under the hood and they were okay. Car started after about 15 tries and and I took her out for spin, came back home, shut the car down and restarted the car like 4 times without any issue. Next day, car is still not starting again. And starter was not the problem. When i tested the old starter, it was fine. I'm about to pull my hairs out.

I had key cylinder replaced few years back. Right now I begin to think it has to be the power wire going to the new starter solenoid but I can be wrong. My battery is in the trunk and I have negative going to the frame and my starter negative is also connected to the frame.

Any ideas???

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