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Keeping the site simple and easy to use was our goal when we launched The complicated fee structures of other sites was not something we wanted our users to deal with.

Here is what it costs to sell on
No Membership - 1 listing =$1.00 and No Final Sales Fees
Up to 75 Listings - Membership $25.00
76 to 150 Listings - Membership $50.00
151 to 300 Listings - Membership $75.00
301 to 600 Listings - Membership $100.00
601 to 1500 Listings - Membership $150.00
1501 to 2500 Listings - Membership $200.00
2501 to 50000 Listings - Membership $250.00 also offers a couple of real simple ways to list items. If you want to only sell 1 item, it’s just going to cost you 1 dollar. Whether it's a screw driver or a motor home, 1 dollar and you don’t have to be a member.
Now, if you have more than 1 item, or up to 75 items, you can sign up for a single space membership plan and take in some real savings. A single space member can list up to 75 items for only $25 a month. That's about 33 cents per listing. If you couple the low membership rate with the fact that there are absolutely NO FINAL SALES FEES on, it really is a no-brainer.

Simplicity combined with the extras you get (FREE storefront/user profile etc) AND the fact that you can relist your items up to TEN times for FREE allows users to run their own e-store through in an effortless and efficient way.

There are also additional membership plans and other ways you can enhance your listings. Checkout our membership plans page for all the details. Ahwooga Your New Online Automotive Marketplace

Say no to fees and yes to!!
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