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I've got a 4.0 that sometimes simply refuses to start. The first time it happened was last week. My roommate was driving it and said it started to squeal like hell. Got it home, started up and ran find. Took it out, and it restarted, but died quickly, then wouldn't start. That time I assumed it was the crankshaft pulley, and I looked inside and it had separated. The no start didn't make sense, and when the flat bed got there it started up, although the pulley was obviously shot.

Now Yesterday. After a week of driving it perfectly fine, it won't start trying to come home. Turns over strong just won't fire up. After a few tries it fires up, drives home perfectly fine. Go to start it later in the night, nothing. I'm getting plenty of starting power, but again, won't fire up. Try jiggling the key and the shifter (neutral safety switch?) and that didn't do a thing.

Today. Go out to troubleshoot it and the sum bitch starts up perfect. Runs like a top.

I'm at a loss. Because it started today I couldn't troubleshoot it. Any ideas what's wrong? Most of the things I think would cause it would cause it to run rough a bit too. Not simply yes or no.

My thoughts.
Fuel Pump
Fuel Filter
Crankshaft Position Sensor
Throttle Position Sensor
Coil Pack
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