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noisy hurst shifters

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good afternoon, new guy here. i have been reading the post regarding noisy hurst shifters in late model mustangs.

i have a 2006 GT ragtop with a competition plus shifter, it too rattled. i found a quick and easy cure by wrapping the area where the arm bolts to the shifter with teflon tape. that stopped the rattle, but i still didn't like the vibration, so i removed both urethane bushings and replaced them with the OEM rubber bushings --viola' a short throw shifter that don't vibrate or rattle, and still shifts just as fast as it did with the urethane bushings.:D
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Welcome to MM! Thanks for the suggestion, I'll give it a shot.
Hi, Had my Hurst for several years with no rattle.

Sounds like a good tip though. :)
My Ford Racing /Hurst rattled after @ 2 months at about 2k rpm under load. I got it replaced under warranty though the dealership. I love the feel of the new shifter!
I'm going to have to get a new hurst here soon.
Sad that you have to put tape on your Hurst to make it not rattle..
i have the hurst and i dont like how it can kindof tilt to the side on hard shifts. i like the noise of it. it sounds like pure classic muscle car. just like my older hurst shifters on my older mustangs. i might need to put the stock bushings on it though. unfortionately i got the first version that is basically one piece. except for the chrome stick and white ball. it was a "B" to put in. but i had to have it. i wish i had the newer version it looks stiffer.
no issues with my Hurst. Except I cant shift for sh1t, but thats my fault, not the shifters
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