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normal or overheating?

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hey guy/ my thread name says is it normal for 90 mustang V8s or is it overheating? doesn't go up and down and stays there wen its fully warmed...i duno if it is normal for this gen mustangs or no...i owned 91 TBIRD SC and temp used to go around (N-O-R-M-A-L) A and stays there and will come down to M wen driving but will go up to A wen idling...i duno about mustangs tho....need advice from pros otherwise i dont wanna drive around like this and blow some gasket up..i changed the coolant few days ago and also changed the Temp sending gauge unit cuz last one was dead....i bleeded off all the air (i assume) but it should go down wen driving doesn't it? it jus stays at one spot and doesn't move up and down but i dont mean that it goes straight there even wen car is fully cold it slowly goes up as temp goes up and stays there :).......Thanks:)

EDIT: oh and TBIRD'S gauge was other way around or u can say mustangs temp gauge is flipped :D

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That's getting pretty hot, assuming it's working properly. Mine stays at the A usually and never touches the M
WAT! r u serious? urs never touches the M? u running cooler than me? dammit lol.....but seriously thats messed i dont want that....what could be done here to check the accuracy of the gauge it self? point the laser temp gauge on T-STAT? check with the 70 and 10 ohms resister?...sorry is there any easy way to check it? cuz i dont have laser temp gauge neither i have resistors at the moment thanks again :)
get an aftermarket gauge, the stocker isn't good for anything
None of my cars ever ran hotter then 180... which seemed to be the first notch up from the bottom so I'd say if that gauge is remotely accurate your running too hot
isn't stock thermostat like 185 or 195?
195 deg yeah. Even with a 195 deg thermo I run at the 'a' mark
i would say to throw a new thermostat in that thing...its not really that hard and costs a total of like 15 bucks for everything. my car went through every cooling issue in the book (besides head gaskets) i would say start with the easy stuff first.
i would take the T-STAT completely out to test if it gets better or not....but on my old temp sending sensor my gauge wasnt going up to L and changed to new one and this is wat i get...i m not driving the at the moment...i will take the T-STAT out and see wat happens...but any other easy way to test the gauge it self?
My gauge goes up there just before the t-stat opens and then drops to the mark just below that. I have a stock temp t-stat in there and checked my temps with a infared gun and the temps never get hotter than 195 anywhere on the engine, rad, or coolant itself, so my gauge is off by a little bit. Your best bet is to use a gun like I did to check the accuracy of your gauge before you do anything.

Edit: I just saw that you said you don't have a gun. Other than that, I don't know if an easy way to check the accuracy of your gauge. Maybe someone else has some ideas.
yeah i would change the fluids and thermostat just to be sure...
MY car started doing the same **** once my s trim was on and summer came. New t-stat fixed it. Then it got really hot weather wise and went up again. Ran the car with no rad cap on for 3 minutes or so and it fixed it.
I would change my thermostat but the harnest that connects to the distributor gets in the way so its hard to get the bolt closest to the driverside
i have drained and put fresh 50/50 coolant in it....but i saw something weird today i opened rad cap and wanted to make sure that i have bled all the air and i waited and waited and waited, temp gauge reaches its spot as shown in picture and coolant in the rad is still shows like ntn happened even tho top rad hose was hot but i m not sure if t-stat has opened yet or its sticking so i m gonna change that tomorrow and will see wat happens and report back....
Yeah, I changed out mine when I got the car and it fixed the problem. I was considering an aftermarket water pump too, which I should have done at the same time. Oh well.
could an underdrive pulley cause overheating(i dont think so?) and wat do u mean by after market water pump? is there any better upgrade than stock water pump or r u talking about electrical waterpump? and could someone post the link to the electrical fan write up? i cant find it thanks again :)
could an underdrive pulley cause overheating
Yes it could, the water pump won't spin as fast so it's not moving the same amount of coolant as it would with the stock pulley.
Yes it could, the water pump won't spin as fast so it's not moving the same amount of coolant as it would with the stock pulley.
So wats the point having UDP its not even worth the power u free up then right
Some people run them and like them and have no issues, others run them and have lots of issues
ok..its FIXED...freakin thermostat was sticking....i got 100% sure wen i got up this morning and started the car and went for drive my temp was now staying between M and R unlike yesterday at i went to Lordco and bought 180* stat and changed it, bled the system and now my temp stays between M and A ALL DAY ALONG..i zipped it to max to make sure it wont go up and even at idle it was running for 25 mins and temp didnt go across M so its all set now...thanks for all the help u guys...would be hard without u guys help thanks again :)

now next i m gonna have to address what causes the car to crank slowly...wen i start the car it cranks very slow like it wont start but then suddenly it starts....could be dying starter....oh and anyone knows how to pull codes without scanner?, kinda like self diagnose like counting flashes to figure out wat code it is....
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