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Northern California?

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I saw all the SoCal threads but no northern ones. I live in Nebraska and am going to college here but my moms moving to San Jose this summer. Anyone from that area? I dont know much at all about California but is that a nice place anyway?
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I guess you'd have to be from here to get that, though... (and what's funny is the company that makes all that Nor*Cal crap? They're not even in northern california...)
I'm in Nor Cal. It's alright. I never understood the whole "hella" thing. It gets really annoying really fast.
Did you grow up or move here?

And what part of the Bay are you in?
I thought San Fran was in NorCal?
It is if you didn't grow up 4 hours north of it :D
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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