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stock motor, from throttle body to drain plug.

mass air conversion (the car was turbo before, it would have been faster speed density)

hot air intake (hurt performance)

hedman 1 1/2" primary long tubes going into the stock h-pipe that had been cut and welded to fit, stock mufflers,

southside machines lower control arms

4.30 gears

15x8 & 15x3.5 weld draglites

28x11.5 et streets (same as a 27.6x8.5 slick)

tremec 3550 transmission, short throw shifter, king cobra clutch, c-clip eliminators, 31 spline axles with an auburn limited slip differential,

weight removal

no a/c, smog pump, or power steering

subframe connectors, torque box reinforcements

timing locked at 34* (removing the spout connector locks the timing)

ran 12.8s at 103.xx like that, on a 150 shot ran 11.8s at 113.xx (over geared for nitrous)
track is never prepped well and traction isn't the best (1.6x 60's)

since then have taken more weight out, got better rear suspension, got front suspension, and will have a cage, better tires, antiroll bar, and heads cam/intake/cold air/electric fan/better exhaust next time out...
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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