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stock 74 crank/rods
forged pistons
vic jr heads/intake
holley 750 hp carb
1 3/4 long tubes pro chamber

2 stage nitrous kit

c4 3600ish stall
brake, man valve body all the goodies inside

8.8 31 splines with 3.55

275/60/15 mt dr out back on summit star wheel
15x3.5 or 4 up front

stock style suspension lake woods 90/10 front 50/50 rear
4 cyl springs

southside lowers, double adjustable uppers

been 6.4x 106-7mph

1.5x sixty foots

just got a 10pt cage and threw the floor subframes and a few other little tricks.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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