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Nyc Racers Look Here Asap

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A drag-racing circuit featuring souped-up muscle cars hitting more than 100 mph on Bronx highways came to a screeching halt when police set up a sting to bust the drivers.

After receiving a tip about the late-night races on the Hutchinson River Parkway, cops found YouTube videos showing times, places and locations of the races, a police source said.

On Saturday night, officers set up along the highway near the New England Thruway.

At about 1:25 a.m., cars began gathering, blocking the southbound lanes while a 1971 Ford Maverick and a 1974 Chevy Nova were towed in, the source said.

Both cars had between $25,000 and $35,000 worth of work done to their engines.

Their tanks held only 3 gallons of gas and the cars were equipped with nitrous oxide tanks to boost performance.

As the cars lined up at the start north of Gun Hill Road, the drivers revved their engines and poured liquid on their tires to make them smoke.

Less than a half mile into the race, cops clocked the cars going 111 mph, a source said.

One driver saw roadblocks set up by police and escaped into the woods.

The other, Eduard Mercado, 37, of Monroe, N.Y., surrendered without incident.

Cops confiscated the race cars and a van and SUV used to stop traffic during the race.

Juan Labot, 31; John Bonilla, 31; Amauri Mendoza, 35; and Michael McLaurin, 48, were busted for blocking traffic.

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Police sting puts brakes on Hutchinson Pkway, Thruway drag-racing circuit
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heard about this couple days ago... Crazy **** Raced a couple hondas coming home from work over there...
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