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odd startup

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a week ago my battery puked overnight because i left a door cracked. anyways since i got it jumped the next morning the car has been acting up when attempting to start it. for some reason after a few starts it wont start up anymore. i have to loosen the negative terminal and put it back on. then it starts up fine a couple more times. then its back to not starting up again.

terminals are tight and no corrosion.
the fan started up when we hooked the car up with the jumper cables?
the car will turnover but wont start.
battery gauge reads normal.

could it be a relay or something causing the problem? or possibly a ground or something?
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take it somewhere and get your system checked with a microvat or something...itll check your battery,starter,and alternator...then you can determine from there if its something crappy like a internally corroded wire or something dumb like that.
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