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Odering new goodies

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Just about to oder a few more parts to add to my collection (well small collection), about to order a spydershaft :D(to compliment my 4.10s and get rid of all the nasty slop in the driveline). Also thinking about ordering the new Hurst shifter Hurst 05-07 GT Billet Competition Plus Short Throw Shifter [3915201] - $289.39
I was wondering if anyone is running with this shifter and if there is a noticeable difference between this one and the older one?
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Thats a real nice shifter. Its newer from hurst and different then the one frpp is selling its nice. The price is a little high but you will like it the shifter. Its got the stop bolts and all the goodies.

Where you getting the spydershaft if you dont mind me asking.
I am getting it from Modular Depot They have the cheapest price that I can find.

yea the do becuaes they still have the some left they got at the old pricing. The manufacturer has raised the price on those so its good that you got it now.

Did you already get the shifter?
Im waiting on a call back now to tell me when i will get them. i just ordered 5 of them. they said 1 to 2 weeks till i will have them but are calling me back and letting me know for sure.
Hurst said two weeks at best maybe longer. but my order is in. They really havent hit the streets yet. Thank god hurst finally came out this shifter for s197s though cuase the other one wasnt great. i'm going to slam one of these in my stang maybe the modded mustang hurst crew will let me back in. :)
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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