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Hey everybody thought I would join the forum, I have been reading some of the posts on here and I liked what I saw. I also frequent Stangnet and for car forums, so Im used to them.

Well I drive a 2003 Mustang GT it has the 5 speed manual *cant have it no other way!*

I bought the car my senior year of highschool in November of 2008 after saving up enough money to get the price down to finance it. Yes car payments suck but I wanted the car and I was already working a lot so I figured why not.:D

Its taken a while to get all of my mods and Im not finished yet!

I would love to lower it eventually, get a mid pipe, short throw shifter, Mach1 chin spoiler and some new tires but that will come in time...

So far I have done to it

-Mach1 Grille delete
-Flowmaster 40 series mufflers
-New Kenwood radio
-SCT XCal Tuner from American Muscle
-3.73 Frpp gears
-Sequential tailights
-6K Hids from *want to get the fogs done soon*
-New headlights, the stock ones were all glazed over and nasty

Pics These first two pictures are about 2yrs ago when i had the front end repainted and new headlights
and the rest are recent. And No the cop wasnt after me in the first pic lol...


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:welcome to MM :)
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