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ok i finaly found the pics to show the oil pan in our cars with diff levels of oil in them, just to clear things up for those who have never taken apart a modular motor motor i will post up pics so you guys understand.

if you look close you will see that the crank lobes do not hang down below the oil pan mounting surface on the block.

this is a picture of the stock oil pan, now people will argue that there is a 5 quart pan that came in the windsor motors but it is no differents what so ever.

it takes 3 quarts of oil to fill the sump at the bottom of the oil pan

this is a picture of the oil pan with 4 quarts in it, this is for you guys who are using 5 quarts and dont watch your oil levels and let it go down a quart threw a leak or just burning it off.

this is what the oil pan looks like with 6 quarts of oil in it. notice the level it is at and remember the crank does not extend down into the oil.

many people run 6.5 quarts in their oil and 4v guys will run 7 quarts is it bad, not at all, matter of fact it is safer to run a min of 6 quarts, this will ensure that the oil pick up is always in oil no matter the driving style.

pic of 7 quarts.

this is a pic of the oil pan filled to the top, it took about 9 quarts of oil to get it there. yes it is to much oil but it shows how much oil it would take to get the oil to be anywhere near the crank.

many will continue to say that they go by the dip stick readings, in the romeo motors ford ajusted the dip stick so it would read full at 6 quarts of oil in the pan. early windsor motors the dip stick is longer so it reads full at 5 quarts. so to end all this talk about how much oil is needed? 6 quarts of oil, ford found this out later and made changes. the 2v heads have a flaw in the oil return ports in the heads, having more oil will keep the sump from going below the pick up.

just so no one gets butt hurt around here i will say this, its your car, do what you want with it
Good info
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