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which supercharger

  • E force

    Votes: 18 41.9%
  • Paxton NOVI 2200SL

    Votes: 25 58.1%
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In my opinion, driving style is a bigger factor on whats better for daily driving than the type of forced induction. With most of the new PD blowers, you can't even tell they are there until you get into it. As far as "easier" to get traction at the track, I beg to differ. Sure off the hit maybe, but you still have to deal with the top end comming on like a frieght train with a centri or a turbo. If your having troubles getting traction with a PD blower you need to make changes to your suspension and maybe your driving style.
It's still easier to get out of the hole with a centri. The fastest s197 was justin burchum with a centri
1 - 5 of 79 Posts
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