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Ok, so a friend of mine is having a problem starting her 01 Alero...

I'm not anywhere nearby so I can't go help and see the car myself, so I'm going off what she tells me...

it was trying to turn over, but was not starting.
Apparently they towed it to a shop, who gave her an invoice that said...
"intermittant failure in passlock sensor. Remove/replace and relearn theft deterrent. Clear codes and reset"

they also want to charge her $600 :eek:

been doing some searching, and think it might be a Passlock issue, where either the resistor in the key is bad or the ignition cylinder is bad :dunno

any other ideas? like I said, it's hard to diagnose, because I'm nowhere nearby... this is all going by what she says

thanks :)

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more then likely it the key. if im not mistaken if you look at the key there is a little black peice on the shaft of the key. They are just like the ford keys where they intermittenly loose their stored code or just go bad.
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