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Alright guys this is a work in progress. I might be jumping the gun in starting this thread but I wanted to share a few vids with you guys. I am kinda getting tired of my current exhaust setup so I wanted to do something different than just an axle back change. So I found some cheap one chamber flows and started my project today of test fitting and figuring out how to get them to work as mid mufflers. Here is two videos for yalls enjoyment.
First video is with the mufflers set up as mid mufflers under the car. They have no pipes after them also.
Second video is with the mufflers set up as if they were axle back mufflers with resonators welded in the pipe before the axle.
I do have LTs and cams so you will hear that also. Like stated before this is just a little project trying to be different. In the first video I know you can't really hear it but these do have a good old school type sound. I will update as I do more and let you guys know how it turns out. Of course there will be more vids to come.
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