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I have a 1989 Mustang LX which was originally a 2.3 (I think) but now has a 289 engine that reportedly was removed from a 1966 Ford Fairlane. (I didn't do the work; I bought the vehicle at a really low price.)

One of the rocker arms broke, and halfway through the replacement project (I went ahead and purchased new lifters, push rods, and rocker arms, as one of the old lifters was also stuck), I now have no one to finish the repair. So an otherwise okay vehicle is now sitting in an alley, covered in plastic, but with an open engine (the manifold is sitting on a shelf inside, and I have a box with all of the bolts and misc. parts; the new rocker arms and lifters and push rods are sitting in a bucket of 10W-40).

I don't know anything about cars myself, and would much rather pay someone who knows and loves Mustangs specifically than another big-talk-little-action craigslist mechanic.

Hopefully this introduction isn't out-of-line for the forum. I'm not selling anything; rather, I'm looking for a Washington/Maryland area Mustang mechanic that I can pay to put this car back together, so that I can DRIVE it.

PM me if you will.

And by way of introduction, my other car is a 1988 Mustang LX which is still a 2.3. It drives like a 1.3 though.
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