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Our Commitment To The Modded Mustangs Community

We would like to say that we are happy to be apart of this great community of people by sponsoring and facilitating in its growth and prosperity. We look forward to growing alongside the community.

We are excited about interacting and assisting in community. We believe this will also help us provide even better customer service to our customer's and and the community. We are raising the bar of our customer service by dedicating three people total to participating daily in and on the forums to insure that we are providing the best possible care and attention to everyone online.

We have been sponsoring other large online Mustang communities for years and we are actually taking measures to increase our quality of service to forum members by having multiple dedicated employees that do nothing but online community support. We hope to amp up our game dramatically and our goal is to essentially be the very best! We want someone to be at your disposal at almost any given moment because this is the essence of customer service.

Mr. Blackstone at our GA location will be heading up much of our customer service and technical advise on the forums. This will enable us to help people with there existing orders status, product questions or even technical advise almost around the clock.

We are also offering all forum members a 6% discount on all Mustang Parts store wide at Mustang Wheels Rims and Mustang Parts at CruizinConcepts.Com and Truck Wheels and Tires Nissan 350Z Wheels Custom Rims at ConceptWheels.Com.

We are also are very serious about supporting the American Military and we offer Military discounts and ship to APO's and other military based addresses. Many companies will not ship to Military addresses due to the extra effort and work. Our gratitude is to all of you that serve our country!

Our crew online here will also include the somewhat famous Mike, which is probably the most well known as he runs our facebook page at Cruizin Concepts | Facebook and has been participating in several online forums and communities for many years so many of you may already already know him very well.


Toll Free: 888-630-0655

Visit us online: Mustang Wheels Rims and Mustang Parts at CruizinConcepts.Com

See our Mustang Wheels

See Our Mustang Exhaust

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