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We just released our new redesigned bottle valve that now has a 5/8th siphon tube one of the largest on the market.

This valve is able to accept a -4,-6,or even a -8 nipple without having to have any expansion area into the hose to deliver the most liquid nitrous to your solenoids as possible. What does that do? It gives you more power per pound of nitrous which will greatly help the guys that are running in a restricted nitrous class but also the guys that run this on there street cars.

This valve is now our standard bottle valve in all of our systems that require our 45 degree valves.

Here is a picture of our old lightning valve that we designed strictly for the racing industry around 5 years ago next to our new one that we redesigned to have more lift and larger openings to further increase flow and reduce any areas for expansion to occur and use a 5/8" siphon tube. Then the other valve is the valve that we used several years ago that at the time was a great valve and many of our competitors still use it.

Our older lightning 45 valve along with the chrome high flow 45 valve use the same size siphon tube.

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