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07 V6 Mustang, 139,000 miles

My car over heated twice driving down the freeway and 1 minute latter it went back to normal. Then I drove it the next day (thanksgiving) 8 miles, I parked and turned my engine off, opened the hood and it was steaming! 6 hours later I added distilled water (the reserve was almost empty) I started it and coolant was poring out somewhere by the fire wall.
Yesterday (they were booked so I had to wait 3 days( T-day + the weekend)So I drove it (3 miles) to a ford dealership and they said it's the thermostat and housing. They said because the serpentine belt is soaked with coolnet it has to be replace to. They also recommend that all the coolnet hosing be replaced because of age.
So is there any truth to this about my serpentine belt and coolnet hosing??

btw my radiator was replaced in 2010 because of an accident. The rest is stock.

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