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P1401 Code

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Anyone have an idea of why Im throwing this code: P1401 Differential Pressure Feedback Electronic Sensor circuit High Voltage. After I installed my new intake manifold this code keeps coming up. I know the valve isnt leaking because I didnt even have to take that off the plenum. Any ideas? :dunno
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its your egr. specifically the plastic box with two hoses connected to it. make sure the hoses are on good and the electrical connector is there too.
Near the back of the intake?
did you by chance bend the egr pipe? the pipe that goes down to the of the things the manual says to check is make sure this pipe isnt clogged.

I'm looking at the ford service manual, the part its refering to doesnt look right in the take a look...

yours is not by the egr valve, its behind the plenum, by the firewall, closer to the driver's side. It's hard to see it.

BTW my friend had 2 of those go out within few month on his 2000 v6. Dunno what the deal is. I think they are around $40 at autozone.
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yea, check all of your vaccum lines. I had that same code, and it was because the two plastic lines i had that run under my plenum were busted.
Kewl thanks guys, Im starting to wonder if I cross my vaccuum lines that hook up to that.
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