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P1450 Evap error - questions

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I just bought an 02 mustang gt convertible - which is a blast to drive. I had a couple issues with it, first, the grommet was bad and leaked gas. I've read, that was a common issue, but I still called the small car lot where I bought it from and they paid for it. For anyone who's curious, if you get the dealer to do it, it's $20 for the part, and an ass raping for the labor (3.5 hours at $95 an hour). I honestly don't know how they can look people in the face while charging 3.5 hours to drop a tank and replace a grommet.

In any event, shortly after that, my service engine light came on (P1450). I took it back in thinking it was related, but, they tested it and said the evap sensor was bad. They said the sensor wasn't available by itself, but needed a full kit for the top part that was dealer only and costs $350 (plus $160 labor). I'm hoping to get some input if you guys know anything about this. I dropped the tank some this morning and took some pictures of the pieces I think he's talking about. On one of them, there looks to be a spot for another hose that isn't connected, any idea what that's for?

in any event, here's my pics, let me know what you guys think I should do. I can pass emissions until I get this fixed, so I need to get it fixed in the next couple of weeks.

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