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P2195 and 2196 codes, can't find problem!

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Hi everyone! I have a 2006 mustang v6 automatic with about 11,500 miles on it. This is my first post, and I'm limited with my mechanical know please bare with me. I'm a paramedic and when someone is sick I try to get a thorough history on what their problems are. Sometimes the insignificant stuff helps me diagnose what is going on with them. With that said I'll try to give as many details as possible.

I bought the car from a used car dealership with about 11,200 miles on it with the following mods:


Tuned for 87 octane

JBA tru dual exhaust system

Racing stripes

The dealer told me that the car was a repo and that they had bought it at an auction. The car did and does drive great. Drove it home about 70 miles with no problems. Noticed that the oil looked like it needed to be changed so I took it to Pennzoil and had the engine flushed and put full synthetic in it. About 20 miles later the dreaded CEL came on! Took it to Autozone and had it read, came up with a P0174 code. Brought the car over to my mechanic of 12+ years and they replaced and 02 sensor. Drove the car another 10 miles or so and the CEL comes back on. Went back to the shop and got a P017X code, thought that it might be a faulty 02 sensor they put in so they checked it out.

O2 sensor was fine, so they suggested that I get it checked out by the guy who tuned it. Took it over to the guy(1 1/2 hours away). He said that since it was repoed that sometimes they reset the tune back to stock, and upon investigating, found that to be true. He reset the tune for 87 octane, which is what I told him I would be putting in the car, and reset the CEL. Drove the car home with no problems.

After about 4 driving cycles the CEL reappears again! Back to the shop I go. Now P2195 code shows up. Since the car had only 11k on it, they thought that it might have been sitting so they suggested that a fuel injector flush, and cleaning be done. Drove the car about 50 miles and CEL comes back. Brought it back yet again and they stated that I might need to put more miles on for the cleaning to get everything. 100 miles since the original flush and CEL still comes back. Now it is reading 2195 and 2196 codes!

My mechanic checks everything: No vaccuum leak(smoked it), MAF is clean, EGR is fine, wiring is in great condition, cai is working properly, no exhaust leaks. They say the engine is running excellent and that it is not running lean or rich. The only suggestion they had is that it could be the PCM or an intermittent wiring problem that they could not diagnose. They said they didn't want to replace wiring and PCM cause that would be big $ and they weren't sure just replacing those would even solve the problem.

I did some research online, read some posts, and found that too much oil could cause one of these codes. I check my oil, and it is about 1 centimeter over the full line, up to the "hole" on the dipstick. Take it back to pennzoil and tell them my situation. They said that the "hole" is the max fill line, and that they had put 5 quarts in, and that they would take a little out. Now it is just slightly below the full line.

I'm taking it to another reputeable mechanic tomorrow for a second opinion but my hopes are not high. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Hopefully, this wasn't too long a post!
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I'd have ford run the code for it. I question the 87 tune. Does it need it? the car doesn't appear to have crazy mods done.
No, bought the car from a used dealership. They had gotten it from an auction(originally a repo car) You are correct, no serious modifications were done. However, my mechanic said that I should have it checked out by the company who did do the modifications to check the tune, and find out if any other mods were done. Figuring that possibly something might be causing the codes due to the CAI or Exhaust and not having the tune that was installed when these mods were put on. Kind of a shot in the dark.

Checked to see if the car was still under warranty, nope, expired in June 09. Figures.
Meant to ask, when you say you question the 87 tune, do you mean getting it tuned or not getting it tuned for a higher octane? Thanks by the way for responding to the post!Wasn't sure anyone would comment for a minute.
Update. The lean and rich codes are gone, and now P1127 and 0053 codes are popping up. Which sucks, since these are new codes that I haven't gotten before. My mechanic says that the 02's in the back are not getting hot enough. He's been trying to get ahold of the guy at Pauls High Performance(place that tuned the car) to get more info on what programming he did. Unfortunately, nobody has called him back for the past two days. So...I'm gonna try to get a hold of the guy tomorrow and tell him he needs to call my mechanic.

What could be wrong with my CAI that would cause this issue? The tune? The guy working on the car also said that there might not be enough back pressure in the exhaust system to heat up the 02's...if so what would be the solution? I thought he told me that the cats were only heating up to 160 degrees after he drove it for a while. Ugggh....seems like I am only getting more questions than answeres.
If you have the stock air meter you should consider getting a can of electrical contact cleaner. Spray the wire for the sensor. This would be the wire that gets current to sense air flow. Oiled air filters can leach the oil into the intake airstream and coat this wire. THis can cause the computer to give a rich/lean error issue. Spray it let it dry, do not run engine until unit has fully dried. Read this fix sometime back. Have actually read about it a few times. Have even done it myself after reoiling the K&N i had installed before. It can't and won't hurt to rule out that issue and it is a cheap bit of maintainence.
Thanks for the tip, I'll suggest that to the guy workin on the car. Talked to the guy who did the tuning, he said that I should check the cats to make sure that someone didn't take the brick out of them. He said that he thought that the exhaust sounded louder that it should when I had brought the car into him. So the mechanic is gonna drop the cats and check them out.
Good luck. Post the results if you don't mind
Finally, after 3 days with this second mechanic, he seems to have figured out the problem. Appearantly after getting frustrated he decided to take the PCM out and the wiring attached to it. Low and behold, two wires(not sure which ones he hasn't showed me yet) were stripped down to one strand. He thinks that when someone had done some work on in the past, that they might have pulled on the harness and stripped the wiring. So the exposed wiring was still getting current, and would only cause intermittent problems. That is why it was so hard to diagnose. I'm gonna put some serious miles on it when I pick it up today. Just wanna make sure that CEL doesn't pop back up! Crossin my fingers...I wanna thank everyone who gave me all the suggestions, I really appreciate it.
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